Sponsors and partners

Sponsors and partners

General Partner

USM is a diversified holding company having significant assets across the metals and mining, telecoms, and technology sectors.
The assets include the following major companies: Metalloinvest, a leading global supplier of iron ore and HBI products; Udokan Copper, a company developing Russia’s largest and one of the world’s largest copper deposits; Akkermann Cement, an anchor cement producer in Russia and Uzbekistan; and MegaFon, a national operator of digital opportunities and a key player in all segments of the Russian telecommunications market.

The Group is a shareholder of the Center for Research in Advanced Technologies, operator of the unified national digital track and trace system.

USM also holds shares of AliExpress Russia, the largest online platform in Russia and the CIS for the sale of consumer goods.

In Uzbekistan, USM companies are involved in advanced projects in metallurgy, cement production, national digital track and trace services as well as the telecommunications sector.

Strategic Partner

Gazprombank is multi-faceted financial institution.
Its core business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. The Bank provides services to 61,400 corporate clients, including companies from gas, oil, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power industry and other sectors. Private customers are offered a full range of services: credit programs, deposits, payment transactions and electronic bank cards.

Gazprombank has a strong position on national and global financial markets, holding Russian leadership in arranging and underwriting corporate bond issues, asset management, private banking, corporate financing, etc. GPB has representative offices in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and India; currently participates in the equity of banks in Russia, Belarus, Switzerland, Luxembourg, runs financial companies in Cyprus and Hong Kong.

Business Partners

GC "Sovremennye transportnye technologii" is a full-line distributor of commercial vehicles.
The company is engaged in the sale and maintenance of light and medium-duty trucks, buses of different classes, special automotive equipment and spare parts. The geography of the company covers 82 of the 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 10 neighboring countries in which there are 280 sales and service centers for commercial vehicles, as well as 1,850 branded spare parts stores.

The strategic objective of GC "Sovremennye transportnye technologii" is to create and improve transport solutions for the successful development of client business. The main activities of the company include the selection of necessary car features, financial programs and maintenance programs, as well as modern digital services that are most in demand at the stage of car operation and increase the efficiency of the corporate fleet.
About TMH
TMH Group is the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Russia & CIS and ranks No.5 globally. The company offers a fully integrated manufacturing and service package from developing rolling stock to life cycle maintenance and digital technologies.

The company employs over 100,000 people across 23 industrial and heavy repair sites and more than 90 depots worldwide. We supply locomotives, metro cars, EMUs, DMUs, passenger coaches and freight cars, energy systems and components to 30 countries and maintain over 23,000 rolling stock units throughout the 40-year lifecycle daily.
Republic of Tatarstan
The Republic of Tatarstan is located in the heart of the European part of Russia.
Population: 4 m.
Area: 68 000 sq. km

The industrial profile of the republic is determined by the petrochemical complex (oil extraction, production of synthetic rubber and a wide range of petroleum products), large machine-building enterprises (trucks, helicopters, airplanes and aircraft engines, river-marine vessels, commercial and passenger cars).

One of the main branches of the economy is also agriculture.
There is a wide range of infrastructure sites (about 100 technoparks, 2 special economic zones ("Alabuga" and "Innopolis"), 5 territories of advanced social and economic development) in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Hosted by: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan
Head: Oleg Korobchenko, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan

Address: 4, 8 Ostrovsky St., Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation, 420 111
Telephone: +7 (843) 210-05-01, fax: +7 (843) 567-36-14
e-mail: mpt@tatar.ru
The Sverdlovsk region is a home to the INNOPROM international exhibition, held annually in Yekaterinburg since 2010.
Businesses in the Sverdlovsk region are among the main producers and exporters of metallurgical and machine-building products and equipment to the CIS countries. Uzbekistan ranks second among the CIS countries in terms of foreign trade turnover with the Sverdlovsk region.

At INNOPROM. Central Asia, Sverdlovsk region will present manufacturers of electrical equipment, seawater desalination systems, IT-solutions for smart houses and buildings, equipment and software for automation of technological processes.

More than 50 enterprises will take part in the regional delegation. To arrange meetings with representatives of the delegation: e.selyahina@egov66.ru
Magnit is one of Russia’s leading food retail chains, number one by the amount of stores and geographical coverage. Almost 16 mln customers visit its stores every day. Magnit utilizes a multiformat model, which includes convenience and drogerie stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, hard discounters and e-commerce. The company has more than 27,000 stores in 67 regions of Russia, as well as MCosmetic stores in Uzbekistan.

Magnit is a unique company for Russian retail. Aside from commodity sale, it operates a private-label food production business. The company manages 20 plants for growing vegetables and production of dry food and confectionery.

Company’s logistics infrastructure includes 45 distribution centers and more than 5,000 trucks. Magnit is Russia’s largest private employers, the company employs a total of about 360,000 employees.
1C Company was founded in 1991 and specializes in development, distribution, publishing and support of business and mass-market software.
1C Company is working with customers through an extensive partner network which includes more than 10 000 permanent partners in 600 cities of 25 countries, including more than 8 000 companies-1C:Franchising, certified by 1C for the provision of enterprises integrated automation.

Among 1C inventions, the most famous are 1C: Enterprise system’s programmes, which are used for management and accounting automation of more than one million organizations. The company is the ERP market leader in Russia by the number of automated work places.
State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (ROSATOM) is a global technological leader, with capacities in the nuclear sector and beyond, and business partners in 50 countries.
As one of the pioneers of the nuclear industry, ROSATOM has traditionally been at the forefront of the international nuclear market, including nuclear power plant construction, uranium mining and enrichment, and nuclear fuel fabrication and supply. Today, thanks to the unique expertise accumulated over 75 years, the company is conquering the markets of new promising high-tech products.

Hydrogen energy, energy storage, nuclear medicine, wind energy, composite materials, logistics business, environmental solutions - in total, more than a hundred new businesses, which cement ROSATOM’s standing among the leading tech giants. Rosatom is actively developing such promising areas as multipurpose irradiation centers (MIC), digital products, energy storage, etc. The corporation includes about 300 enterprises and organizations employing a total of more than 275,000 people.
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